How to Learn Trick Photography and Special Effects

Photography is not just about taking pictures. It is an art form that allows the photographer to express their creativity. Although anyone can take pictures, it is not possible to get the best out of your work if you don’t know how to use the resources and tools available.

Learning tricks photography and special effects can help you expand your skills and knowledge. A new eBook is now available, which will help you expand your photographic skills through the incorporation of proven techniques. Evan Sharboneau has appropriately named this new eBook, “Trick Photography & Special Effects”.

What are Trick Photography and Special Effects?

Simply put, “Trick Photography & Special Effects” by Evan Sharboneau, is an eBook that gives all the information you need to create beautiful, stunning images and amazing special effects. This eBook will teach you the basics as well as new techniques in many areas.

* Long exposure
* Light Painting
* How to create In-Camera illusions
* High Speed & 3D Photography
* Double Exposure, Smoke, and Bubbles
* HDR and Infrared Photography
* Creating Panoramas & Creative Compositions
* Time displacement
* Layer Mask, Levitation and Multiplicity Photography
* Invisible Man
* The Harris Shutter and Droste Effect
* Mixing Day & Night, and Much, Much More

The eBook “Trick Photography and Special Effects” teaches all of these elements and more. Each technique’s layout is illustrated with graphs, photographs and simple text, making it easy to pick up. This eBook provides the essentials and tools you need to create stunning photographs with your camera.

This resource can help you improve your photographic skills and abilities.
This eBook can help you improve your natural talents and abilities in many ways. Although anyone can be a great photographer and can master the tricks and techniques of the profession, it is not possible to truly excel at this art.

Learn New Techniques: This eBook will teach you some basic and advanced techniques that will improve your photography skills. Although these techniques have been around for some time, not many photographers use them.

You can boost your imagination. If there is one thing that keeps photographers from their dreams, it is inability to tap into the creativity of others and find a different way to shoot a shot. This eBook will help you overcome this tendency and unleash the potential in you.

The In-Camera Special effects Techniques
These simple techniques can give you a new perspective on simple scenes. Many of these techniques can be combined to create new types of photos for your portfolio. These are some examples of photographic tricks you can do in camera without the need for editing software like Photoshop.

For example, forced perspective shots are where two objects of very different sizes can appear next to one another. It is difficult to achieve realistically if you don’t know some tricks. You can take this example:

* Adjust the aperture to the lowest setting possible. This will allow for more realistic results.

It can be hard to get upside down reflections because most people make simple mistakes that don’t result in the desired effect.

* When taking a picture, be sure to keep your eyes on the reflection and not on the object.

You can also experiment with the reflection by causing it to change. If the reflecting surface is a rock, you could toss it into the water.

You can perform a Shadow Heart trick with just a ring, an open-book and a light source from the behind.

* The light source will create shadow rings on the paper if the ring is placed upright in an open book with a crevasse between each end.

The Unscrewed light bulb is a great trick for photography. It can be done with an incandescent bulb that has been frosted and a small source of light behind it.

* The bulb will appear on even though it is not connected to any power source when you photograph it with a smaller light source such as an LED or flashlight behind it.

These simple but effective tips are just a fraction of the information in this book. This book contains many building blocks that will help you create new images.

The eBook’s encouragement to explore new techniques and learn more about photography is just as important. One way to bolster your interests is by joining a mailing list at ( that provides new lessons, tricks and information that is being shared by photographers around the world. This is only one of many mailing lists you can use for valuable information and tricks photography.

Why Trick Photography and Special Effects are Important

This resource is for all levels of photographers, whether you’re an expert photographer looking to increase your knowledge or a beginner in the field. Evan Sharboneau’s “Trick Photography & Special Effects” will give you everything you need to improve your artistic skills and expand your knowledge base when it comes to your photographic abilities.

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