Five Ideas for Children’s Entertainment that Doesn’t Require Video Games

It can be difficult to come up with entertainment ideas for children that don’t involve apps or video games. It can be difficult to reach children in a world of constant technology. This requires creativity and knowledge about their interests. These ideas will help you create a family experience that is fun and engaging.

Your child can take the lead role.

You can get your children involved in family outings, even if they don’t involve technology. Look out for activities and events that give kids the chance to get knighted or wear crowns. In a fun and memorable setting.

You can also ask your child to host the evening by being the master of ceremonies. For example, if you go out to dinner, your child may place the order for the whole table, or “pay”, as part of his/her role. You might ask your child to research the venue before introducing the show to the family.

Explore the past.

Another great way to add excitement and spice to an activity or family outing is time travel. There are many other options to time travel, virtual or real.

Let’s suppose you plan an evening of board game fun. It might be declared that it is 50s Night. All the talk, dress, food, and drinks must be 50s-themed. Play 50s music, wear poodle skirts or ponytails and serve cheeseburgers with milkshakes. You can get everyone into the spirit of the 1950s by streaming a few episodes from Netflix on your TV or computer.

You can either plan it all yourself and surprise your family or ask your children to help you. They will learn a lot about the era they are focusing on, and it will be a great way to get them involved.

Enjoy a live performance.

Many children have never seen live theatre or dinner theater in their lives. A trip to a dinner show or stage production can be the thrill of your life. It will also expose them to new forms of entertainment and arts.

Make a family night themed.

You can surprise your children by telling them that Saturday’s theme is “Sports Night”, “70s Night”, and “Medieval Night”. You might give them the opportunity to choose what they will wear for the evening.

You can prepare themed snacks or appetizers before you head out to the main attraction, which is a themed activity. You might choose to go to college or a pro-sports game if it’s Sports Night. If the theme is 1970s, you could turn your living room into a retro disco. The medieval-themed night (or knight?) might be held at a local college or pro sports game. You can also take part in a local tournament or Middle Ages reenactment.

(Bonus Tip – Challenge your family to be in character throughout the evening by using the language or jargon associated your chosen theme or era.

A family slumber party.

You can make it a family-friendly slumber party by putting down blankets, sleeping bags, and mattresses in your living room. It’s easy to make the party authentic by surprising your children at the breakfast table with printed invitations. You can think of ghost stories, joke contests and arts/crafts activities. Popping popcorn, making Coke floats, making midnight snacks, and performing slumber party tricks are some other options.

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